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We all love the look of a tight round butt, but did you know that having toned glutes is important for reasons other than looking fantastic? Your body is more functional when your butt muscles are strong because those muscles support your hamstrings and lower back.  When your butt muscles are not strong enough, your other muscles have to over-compensate, causing strain and back pain. So whether it’s squats, yoga, running, or many other exercises to firm your gluteus maximus, make it a weekly routine!

That’s why we believe in working for our butts and not our ‘buts’!!

Fitspo Butt

“You won’t get a better butt by sitting on the one you have”

butt fitspo

“Be different, stand out, and work your butt off.” -Reba McEntire

fitspiration butt

“Only trust people who like big butts…They can not lie.”

fitspo fitspiration butt

“The Gluteus Maximus is important in determining the lower body strength of the person as it is the muscle that is vital for keeping a human standing upright and steady.” -butt-up.net

fitness fitspo butt

Butt Exercises for a Perfect Ass – The Best Butt Workouts You Can Do at Home (Body Buff in Weeks) [Kindle Edition] – Click here for Butt Exercises on the go for your portable device.

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